A Book as a Bridge in Time and Space

Is a performance of the making of a book with sewing machine. It is produced by The Children Museum of the Arts as part of In Practice: Work in Progress, curated by Jil Weinstock.

It will be presented on Sunday oct 22nd 2017 starting at 3 pm on the 1 train while traveling from Houston St. Station to Corthland Park Station in the Bronx as an act of protest against the dismantling of The Affordable Care Act:  A child born in the Greenwich Village has an average lifespan of about five years longer than a child born in the Bronx. 

Traveling from Houston St. Station Corthland Park Station in the Bronx, a sewing machine is placed in the last car, at the rear end of a 1 subway train next to an accordion book whose length when unfolded would equal more or less the length of the last train’s car. At departure, will start sewing/tracing the book with an embroidered line and continue producing it while unfolding it up to the arrival. During the journey the passengers will be invited to hold the unfolding book and slowly pass it from hand to hand toward the front of the car. At the time of arrival, the whole line-book will have stretched through the entire length of the last train’s car having grown the distance from its back to its front while growing from the Greenwich Village to the Bronx, covering more than 12 miles distance within its 50 feet of its length, bridging the physical and virtual distance separating the two places now linked by a sewing machine line traced in the book. The book will be then shown at Children Museum Of the Arts.