A Book as a Bridge among Religions
















On February 18th I was on the Highline @34th St. with my sewing machine and a 20 foot long accordion book. I asked people to sit with me for a few minutes and choose a pattern for my sewing machine to sew their story with.Most people were tourists from various countries and chose to sit with me because I told them the finished book would go to the “Today I am a Muslim too” Rally at Time Square on February 19th, however I was surprised quite a few people chose not to sit with me because they did not agree with the purpose of my book: linking religious beliefs and stories with a thread, bridging their differences.
Toward the end of my sewing on the 20 foot long accordion book, a couple from Boston approached: the husband sat next to me while his wife stood. After reading my flyer, he asked me in a very inquisitive tone what was my religion: they were both much relieved after they found out I was not a Muslim. He told me it was the first time his wife came to New York, while he was often in the city for business but he had to have her see the Trump Tower.
Before leaving he stuffed two dollar bills in my hand. I was confused and I gave them back to him. But now I am sorry I did. I should have kept them and thanked him. 

On February 19th at the Times Square Rally I am a Muslim Too the book was held by the participants.